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Your AI Property Service Platform and Property Management App

Dream LOT App is: 

30 Million Characters
1 Million Rows of Coding
1,000 Pages of Original Design
18 Months of Development
Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations
Cloud-based System
Maximum Data Security

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  • Nov 2019: Dream LOT AI Agent PATENT granted by IP Australia
  • Oct 2019: Dream LOT App goes live on Apple Store & Google Play
  • Sep 2019: dreamlot.com relaunches & patent filed with IP Australia
  • Aug 2019: integrated with Salesforce CRM
  • Jul 2019: integrated with DocuSign digital sign
  • Jul 2019: Dream LOT mini program launches in WeChat platform
  • May 2019: integrated with WeChat Pay API
  • May 2019: integrated with Alipay API
  • May 2019: integrated with BPAY
  • May 2019: integrated with POLi Pay API
  • Feb 2019: Dream LOT Melbourne opens for business
  • Sep 2018: integrated with Corelogic API
  • Aug 2018: multiple worldwide Dream LOT domains purchased
  • Jul 2018: over 1,000 pages of original design for Dream LOT Property Management App
  • Jun 2018: first landlord chose Dream LOT Sydney for property management
  • May 2018: Dream LOT logos registered trademarks with IP Australia
  • Nov 2017: angel round capital investment
  • 1st Nov 2017: Dream LOT Sydney & China established

Dream LOT Unique Property ID Platform

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AI Powered Marketplace of Property Services for OWNERS, TENANTS, DEVELOPERS, AGENTS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, etc

*All plans are based on annual renewal

GST applicable on all service fees

AUS PATENT NO: 2020100213

*All plans are based on annual renewal

GST applicable on all service fees